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Defoamer is used in a pulp mill and a paper mill to reduce foam problems. It tackles both problems with surface foam and entrained or entrapped air. Defoamer also hinders the formation of foam. Defoamers are surface active agents such as esters or amides of fatty acids and Read more

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Specification of wire cloth

Wire cloth (forming fabric) is a very important part for a paper machine. We can say, it is the heart of the paper machine. Basis on the paper machine category, paper machine speed, and types of paper grade needs specific type of wire cloth for a paper mill. Here I refer to a single Read more

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Wire cloth

Wire cloth or forming fabric is a very important for a paper machine in a paper mill. In general formation of paper depends on wire cloth and refining of paper pulp. Paper machine wire cloth (forming fabric) made from polyester or polyamide monofilaments. To shape an uninterrupted belt, it is Read more

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