Specification of wire cloth

Wire cloth (forming fabric) is a very important part for a paper machine. We can say, it is the heart of the paper machine. Basis on the paper machine category, paper machine speed, and types of paper grade needs specific type of wire cloth for a paper mill. Here I refer to a single layer wire cloth’s specification for a paper machine whose speed 200 to 220 m/m.

Single layer synthetic forming fabrics mesh 29/27 per cm, 5-shaft broken diagonal strands, 0.20/0.25 mm dia, polyester monofilament, endless with spliced. Non-marking seam.
Size: 25.80 × 3.48m
Elongation: at 50N/cm, 0.5% max.

N.B: Sample must be submitted along with offer.

1.For new party whose material has been proved earlier may be allotted given only one piece on trial.
2.Management reserved the rights to give order on or more party to divide the total order quantity among different parties.
3.Actual carrying cost will be given not exceeding the offered estimated carrying cost.
4.Delivery to be made within 4 to 6 weeks form date of opening.

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