Paper mill

A paper mill is an industry where paper making using paper pulp. Paper is essential in every step of our life. we used paper for writing, printing, packaging, drawing, cleaning purpose. For prepare paper in paper mill main ingredient is pulp which is based on cellulose. About 2000 BC the people of near the Nile River used a leaf for writing. The name of the tree is “papyrus”. The Paper was invention in 200 BC by the people of China. The word paper comes from the name of papyrus. Before the invention of first paper machine in England in 1803 people made paper by hand. Then in 1804 fourdrinier brothers developed the paper machine which is known as fourdrinier paper machine. Modern twin-wire formers paper machine was invention by D. webster in 1953.
A paper mill mainly divided into three section stock preparation, paper machine and paper machine auxiliaries. Here refer to some paper mill chemicals, materials and machine.

Stock preparation:
Paper filler
Dispersing agent
Optical brightener
Sizing agent
Dry strength additives
Dye stuff or dyeing of paper
Retention aid

Paper Machine:
wire cloth
Dryer clothes or Dryer screen
press felt

Paper Machine auxiliaries:
paper cutting machine
Supper calender

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