Christmas tissue paper

Christmas tissue paper is a special type or non-especial type tissue paper. During Christmas many people decorate their house. For decoration tissue paper can be used and makes the holidays bright. For this purposes a special type tissue paper are produced. These may be colors such as Read more

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Best Halloween Tissue Paper

Halloween tissue paper crafts are fast, fun and reasonably priced. Tissue paper is produced in different colored, patterns, decorations, and textures. The various available colors of tissue papers are pink, green, light green, blue, light blue, purple, light yellow etc. This color Read more

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Tissue paper

Tissue paper is soft, feathery, lightweight, highly absorbent, tear resistant, disposable and relatively strong paper products. The tissue paper name originates from the French word “tissue”, which meaning cloth. Because of the tissue paper is as soft as cloth. It has become an Read more

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Chlorination bleaching process

Chlorination bleaching is the second stage of the pulp bleaching process. It is the cheapest bleaching agent for eliminating lignin. Elemental chlorine (EC) reacts selectively with the non carbohydrate compounds. It is another significant delignification process. It ruptures the lignin bonds and Read more

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Guidelines to choosing best paper towels

There are different types of paper such as Printing and Writing Papers, Tissue, Newsprint, Containerboard, Kraft Paper, and Paperboard. Paper towels are under category of tissue paper. After toilet paper, it is the most purchased tissue product by consumers. The basic raw material of paper towels Read more

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Oxygen delignification process

Oxygen Delignification is one of the most significant and well proven pulp bleaching process for ECF (elemental chlorine free) and TCF (total chlorine free) bleached pulp production. It is the first stage of the bleaching process; in this case oxygen and alkali are used to eliminate a portion of Read more

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The chemical reactions in Kraft pulping process

Kraft pulping process is the most used pulping process in the world. In this process lignin goes into the reactions with the cooking liquor chemicals and split into fragment. These fragments dissolved with the solution and wood disintegrates into fiber. During the kraft pulping process about 80 Read more

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Lignin structure, properties, function and uses

Lignin is an aromatic complex polymer of monolignols (aromatic alcohols) which is found in plant cell walls. Later than cellulose, lignin is the most abundant natural polymer in the planet. It is not composed of carbohydrate monomers whereas the rest of polymers found in plant cell walls are Read more

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Pulp Bleaching Sequences

Globally, there are several bleaching sequences are shown in different pulp mills to achieve the bleaching action. Different chemicals are used in each stage usually with washing between two stages to removes products. The preference of bleaching sequences depends on many things such as pulp Read more

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What is bleaching of pulp

The objective of pulp bleaching is to produce white pulp. Unbleached pulps are not suitable for manufacturing of high grade of white paper. Since all the processing pulp brightness is very low, especially Kraft pulp. The sulfite pulping process produces comparatively bright chemical pulps, while Read more

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