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Wire cloth

Wire cloth or forming fabric is a very important for a paper machine in a paper mill. In general formation of paper depends on wire cloth and refining of paper pulp. Paper machine wire cloth (forming fabric) made from polyester or polyamide monofilaments. To shape an uninterrupted Read more

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Types of Paper filler

The filler materials that are used in paper mill can be classified into two groups. These are Inorganic fillers and organic fillers. The most common inorganic paper fillers used in paper mill are precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), ground calcium carbonate (GCC), Kaolin clay, Talc Read more

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Paper Filler

Filler is the most important material of paper mill. It is usually used in paper mill to reduce cost. Depending upon the performance characteristics of the particular filler as well as the percentage added these materials can enhance the physical, optical, price-performance & esthetic Read more

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