Maize starch

Maize starch is also known as corn starch. Maize starch is most popular among the native starch. It contains low ash and low protein. In paper mill industries maize starch or corn starch used as wet end additives, tub sizing or surface sizing agent, coating agent and binder. Maize Starch is changed into a smooth paste during cooking within a short time.

Function of maize starch
In paper mill industries the primary function of corn starch or maize starch is increase dry strength and surface improvement of paper. As a wet end additives maize starch increase paper strength, increase paper stiffness and rattle of the paper. As a surface sizing agent it is improve appearance and erasibility, restrains ink penetration, form firm surface (which is suitable for better writing and printing) and also prepare the paper sheet for subsequent coating. As a Coating agent maize starch enhances printability and gives a glossy and a fine surface of the paper.
Since the pH value of maize starch paste is sustained in neutral range or below the neutral range so it is unnecessary to add any antifoaming agent into the maize starch systems because foaming is normally related with high pH. Moreover maize starch does not rupture during cooking whereas tapioca starches split up.

Specification of Maize starch

  1. Appearance: white or light yellow shadow
  2. Fineness (100 mesh): 99.5% min
  3. Moisture content % w/w (at 105°C-110°C): 14max
  4. pH value: 4.5-6.5
  5. Whiteness: 90.10 min
  6. Protein: 0.50% max.
  7. Ash content % w/w (at 550°C): 0.3 max.
  8. Cold water solubility: Nil
  9. Fat: max. 0.20%
  10. Adhesivity: good
  11. Shelf Life: 1-2years
  12. SO2: max 30mg/kg
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