Tapioca starch

Tapioca starch is a native starch. The starches which are produce in Tropical countries-such as Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia, West Africa and Thailand are called tapioca starches. The most common tapioca starch is Cassava starch. Other tapioca starches are arrowroot, sweet potato, taro, sago, and yam.
The properties of Cassava starch are highly desirable for paper-making. The benefits of cassava starch are following:-

  • Low price
  • Low dirt
  • Whiteness is high
  • Processes better water holding properties
  • High viscosity
  • Form clear paste and strong film

Application of cassava starch:
Cassava starch is widely used at wet end additives. Moreover it is also used as a tub size, surface size, beater size and surface coating in the paper mill industries.

Specifications of cassava starch

  1. Appearance: white
  2. Moisture content at 105°C-110°C %w/w: 14max.
  3. Adhesivity: Good
  4. pH value: 10% solution, 5-8
  5. Viscosity 5% at 50℃: high (greater than 2200cps)
  6. Nitrogen Content: 0.3% Min
  7. Solubility: rapidly and completely after batch or continuous cooking
  8. Toxicity: No health hazard during normal handling
  9. Shelf Life: more than 12 months (under normal storage and undamaged state).
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  1. Edward Sihombing says:

    Dear Admin,

    May you share a technology provider to change normal cassava starch to ionized cassava starch?


  2. Benard Michael Okpaire says:

    Good day sir please i want you to tell me the company that’s buy tapioca starch in u s a thanks

  3. Suzanne says:

    Where can I buy these products in the US? Thank you.

  4. Michelle Hall says:

    Where can I buy this cassava paper for delivery to Australia?

  5. Ashish Chandola says:

    I am looking for know how on making paper from Tapioca in bulk for production of carry bags and cups with the aim to replace plastic.

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