Specification of antislime agent

Antislime agents or slimicides are used as a cost savings materials in paper mill. Antislime agents are available as powders and in liquid emulsion form. Every paper mill used Antislime agent depends on some criteria. Here I mention a specification of a paper mill.


  1. Appearance: Pale yellowish to green liquid.
  2. ingredient: Amphoteric poly-acrylamide derivatives
  3. pH (at 25°C): 11.0±1.0
  4. Specific gravity: 1.o8±0.05 g/cm3
  5. Miscibility in H2O: Fully miscible
  6. Shelf life: 5 month.

Guarantee: For any reason if the chemicals/packing found defective or not conforming to the specification governing the supple. The sellers held responsible for all loss and consequences. In case of quality expiry chemicals defective container the materials must be replaced the supplier.

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