Guidelines to choosing best paper towels

There are different types of paper such as Printing and Writing Papers, Tissue, Newsprint, Containerboard, Kraft Paper, and Paperboard. Paper towels are under category of tissue paper. After toilet paper, it is the most purchased tissue product by consumers. The basic raw material of paper towels is wood fiber. The fiber may be virgin or recycled waste paper or combination of them. You can choose your best paper towels by considering some physical properties.

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History of paper towels
Two very common questions, who invented paper towels? When was paper towels invented? It was invented by accident.

Long story short, in 1907, seasonal disease cold and flu spread as an epidemic throughout the Philadelphia. A school teacher of Philadelphia thinks about how to protect her student from this. Her observation common cloth towels in washrooms were one of the problems, so she wanted to change it. She was cutting out a notebook paper into some small square pieces which is made up of soft paper and distributing it among her students to use in the public washrooms instead of cloth towels. Moreover, she also advice to them disposed the soft paper after using one time.

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Arthur Scott of the Scott Paper Company was convinced with this idea; therefore he thought that unnecessary paper can be used as same purpose. He made fist paper towels as a solution of his rejected cartload toilet paper. He cut it and designed them into towel-sized sheets. Afterward he sold it to hotels and restaurants for use in public washrooms under the product name of “Sani-Towels” by highlighting hygienic qualities.

Properties for best paper towels

To choose best paper towels some physical properties are very important such as strength, scrub strength, absorbency, weight, softer, water filtering capacity and thickness. Among them absorbency property is the most significant. Besides physical properties cost and number of layers are others factor for choosing best paper towels.

Paper towel absorbency
As like other papers cellulose fibers is the main source of the Paper towels. The molecule of cellulose is polymer compound and made up of glucose molecule (monomer unit). The cotton, wood and other plants are the sources of the cellulose. As the wet paper product hold two types of water; internal and external water. Therefore, the paper towels absorb water in two methods. Firstly cellulose can soak up lot of water molecule though the bonding this is the internal water. Secondly, there are many microscopic spaces among the cellulose fibers where water can soak up; it is the external water.

Strength of paper towels
The Strength of paper towels depends on fiber quality, resin and more others factor. In this case virgin fiber is better than recycle fiber. A special type resin is used to increase the strength of paper towels. You can check strength in many ways; scrub strength can be checked by rubbing, after how many times it breaks.

Softer paper towels have larger holes and pockets, so greater capillarity. Therefore they can hold more water than harder one.

Layer is another important criteria for choosing best paper towels. Generally, multiple layers of paper towels absorb more water than single layer of paper towels because multiple layers have more space for holding more water. Similarly three or more layers are better than two layers. Lightweight paper towels also absorb more water than heavy weight paper towels.

How to use a paper towel
Paper towels are one kind of tissue paper that is used in more often in kitchen, washrooms, toilet, and even when we are down with a cold. They are used to clean dirt, grime, oil and stains from elsewhere, Wiping the hands dry, Wiping babies’ bottoms, cleaning kitchen counter-tops, cleaning and wiping spills, and any others absorbing purposes. We can’t imagine our modern life without paper towels.

According to survey on consumer of paper towels in America about two third usages in household purpose whereas one third in commercial purposes. Uses of paper towels are a rising global product; especially extremely large in the USA. Presently, it is nearly 24 kg per capita in USA which is 50% higher than in Europe.
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