Cationic starch

Cationic starch is a modified starch. The cationic starches mainly used as wet-end starch. Although native starch can be used as wet-end starch, but cationic starches are more preferable. As the cationic starches are positively charged, they are easily attracted by the negatively charged cellulose fiber and fillers. As a result fiber-to-fiber and fiber-to-filler bond are increased. Hence improved the retention of fines and filler and also increased paper sheet strength.

Commercially Available cationic starches are two types; quaternary ammonium type cationic starch and tertiary amino type cationic starch. Quaternary ammonium type starch is cationic in all pH range, whereas tertiary amino type starch is cationic only in the acidic range. It is the main problem of the application of tertiary amino type of cationic starch. Hence the applications of tertiary amino type of cationic starch are limited.
The quaternary ammonium containing group attached at the C6 position of the starch. Since the –OH group of this position is more active.

Benefit of Cationic Starch in Paper mill Industry:
Cationic starch enhances paper strength, water drainage, retention, improve paper quality; reduced dusting, linting and size addition; greater control of paper making process hence less paper web breaks and improve paper machine runnability as well as productivity. Cationic starch also allowed using more filler and more recycled fibers so reduce furnishes cost. As a surface size agent, cationic starch improves stiffness, opacity, printing quality and brightness.

Specification Of cationic starch

  1. Physical state: odorless powder
  2. Moisture Content % w/w (at 105°C-110°C): 14 max
  3. pH value: 10% solution, 5-8
  4. Viscosity 5% at 50℃: high (greater than 2200 cps)
  5. Whiteness: 88% min.
  6. Fineness (100 mesh): 99% min
  7. Nitrogen content: up to 0.3%
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40 Responses to Cationic starch

  1. Thuraisinam says:

    Can this be used for paper pulp moulding process with 230 to 300 C.

  2. Cici says:

    Anyone who need to produce quaternary ammonium type cationic starch? We just produce this type of cationic reagent, reacting with native starch to gain this type of cationic starch.

  3. Eren Çınar says:

    Hie Cici,

    I have one customer in turkey which wants to produce cationic starch.
    could you please send TDS, MSDS and price for 1 fcl as CIF İstanbul?
    thanks for your reply


  4. Arif says:

    I need Cationic Starch DS level 0.045 min, kindly contact me who are capable to supply in Bangladesh…My email:

  5. Sam Karanja says:

    Trying to make papers as a hobby, but they are too brittle. Will add normal starch and see if i get better quality.

  6. Raghavan N says:

    Hello sir,
    I would like to know the manufacturing process of cationic starch. Could you please help me with the details? May I know your contact number?

  7. Salman says:

    We are a native corn starch producer however we want to convert native corn starch powder into cationic corn starch powder by just adding cationic powder and to to be used in paper mills

    Any help?

    Please contact me at+923229999967

  8. Riffat Zahoor says:

    HI Sir i want to know that why does ammoniun ion is used as cationizing agent ?
    Is there any other cation that can be used ?

  9. Ajay Kant says:

    I have 33years experience in paper speciality chemicals any vacancy in starch industry for marketing

  10. Ghulam Abbas says:

    Hello sir,
    I would like to know the manufacturing process of cationic starch. Could you please help me with the details?


  11. Corinna says:

    Hi, I’d like to know where to buy Cationic starch in London (or UK) for personal use instead of business industry. Also, I wonder if I can make it by myself. Thanks a lot 🙂

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Hi, i want to use cationic starch to strengthen my pulp produxta produced from moulding. Can u shed some light.

  13. Dear sir
    We are interest in your production for the modified starch for our paper mill
    We produce a recycled paper

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